Parallel Me: The Golden Days

March 13th, 2014

Hi everybody. I’m looking out the window as I’m writing this and it doesn’t seem like the apocalypse is upon us. So that’s good. Still… something pretty weird is happening. ‘Parallel Me’ is continuing to get plenty of buzz at the world’s largest digital service for free music, Jamendo. Today it got to 104,000 plays and has more than 18,900 downloads. It’s quite overwhelming and very exciting. Many thanks to all the listeners, the sharers, the likers and the downloaders. Feel free to download it for free (just click on ‘Buy Now’ and enter ‘0’). Also, you can stream/buy ‘The Unheard’- The Quiet Revolution’s recordings from 2009-2012 in the Music section. New material (full band productions!) will be released soon. Stay tuned?