New Year Update

2014. The End. (insert dramatic sound effect) That’s probably worth a word or three. 2014 was interesting. Not a breakout year, but it’s been an extremely important year for me as a songwriter and as an artist. I’m becoming much more diverse with my writing, opening up to new horizons and ways of writing and for me- that’s a major breakthrough. My inclination of being artistic is always there like a bad rash (or a good rash, in this case) but alongside that I’m also beginning to embrace more mainstream writing and actually having a lot of fun with it. I’ve written a gazillion new songs (rough estimate) including stuff I’m super proud of, got four songs signed for film/tv representation recently, got tons of positive feedback about the new material and it feels like the foundations for great achievements is all laid out and that everything is starting to fall into place.

I have a bundle of unreleased recorded materials and I often debate with myself whether I should release more songs or not. The answer the pendulum keeps landing on is ‘not yet’ and here’s why: releasing songs now doesn’t seem like it would achieve much. Once a song is out there- it’s out there and (as usual) I don’t have the means to promote any releases at the moment. The timing for song releases needs to be right and that timing should probably coincide with something else that’s happening that could provide the music some exposure. I hope that during 2015 the pendulum will be able to land on a different answer and new music shall hit the internets.

Stay tuned & see you around the corner in 2015!

Tal / The Quiet Revolution