‘Old’ Is The New ‘New’

The short version:

I launched a new project called ‘Explosive Ear Candy’. Infectious rock/pop that ranges from purely fun to more deep and artistic. Check out it out here:


The long version:

2015 was a roller coaster year. Part exhilarating and part head spinning with highs and lows, ups and downs and plenty of unexpected twists and turns. I did the gypsy thing, traveled my ass off, jumped around from state to state and from apartment to apartment and along the long and winding road from Jan 1st to Dec 31st experienced things that brought out the best and the worst in me. Naturally music accompanied me wherever I went and this roller coaster year was inspiring as hell for the guy strapped to the seat. You’ll hear some of the results plus a lot of stuff that’s been patiently waiting to be recorded from previous years in the future if you stick around. But for now let’s move on to my new project ‘Explosive Ear Candy’ or if you prefer the ever-so-friendly acronym- EEC.

It’s tough to become a successful artist, it’s tougher to become a successful songwriter and it’s practically impossible to become a successful songwriter/artist if you don’t create music that’s mainstream oriented. ‘The Unheard’ was my initial musical signature and I plan to record many more songs using that signature in the future, but during the last 2-3 years I decided to start and explore my more commercial side. My aim was to write catchy songs that weren’t dumbed down for the masses. EEC is the result. 12 tracks that are hopefully the good kind of Rock/Pop/Whatever-It-Is-I’m-Doing.

My music is usually extremely personal. In some tracks here it still is, but in some I allowed myself to have an out of body experience and simply try to write stuff that’s catchy and fun and could work well for commercials and Film/TV placements. Some songs are sweet & fluffy. Some are more on the bitter-sweet side. Some are more artsy. Some are less artsy (the first 3 tracks, for example). But there are pieces of me woven into all of them so though this is somewhat of a detour from my hardcore essence as a songwriter I’m pretty pleased with this initial dive into commercial territory. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Many thanks are due to all the good people who helped me record these songs (Kaci Bolls for the killer vox, Chip Hardy, Rod Lewis to name a few + lots of talented instrumentalists). I was also fortunate to work with Grammy award winning producer Jeff Bova on six of these songs and it was exciting!

Things are moving kind of slowly on the promotional front. I’m the first to admit that I’m my worst enemy and that I HATE, HATE, HATE having to try and push my music forward. Sisyphus probably had an easier time pushing his boulder. Still, I made a bit of progress this year. Nine of my songs are signed for film/tv representation by a really great company. One song that was pitched to another company almost grabbed a big commercial recently (It was so close! Damn you almosts!). The company that reps my songs offered me to join a new platform and connect directly with music supervisors which is kind of big and opens up some possibilities. My Favorite Escape’s hook was featured in MusicXRay’s hookbast podcast a few weeks ago and was exposed to thousands of listeners. Got a few licensing deals for good old ‘Parallel Me’. Two of the new songs (My Favorite Escape and Do You Still Dream) are starting to get hundreds of listens per day at Jamendo. It’s not enough, but it’s a start and I think the next batch of songs will be my strongest ever. More singer/songwriter oriented and some tunes I’m especially excited about. I’ll update when the time comes.

For now, thanks for enduring this wordfest. Feel free to drop a line anytime with feedback or anything else. Don’t forget to stream the new project (and if you decide it’s purchase worthy, then buying it would definitely be helpful and thanks in advance):

Tal / The Quiet Revolution / Explosive Ear Candy


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