The Unheard

Hi everybody. Today (October 24th, 2013) The Quiet Revolution is releasing a 17-track compilation of unreleased and released tunes called… (insert drum roll here): ‘The Unheard’!


What’s in store for you in ‘The Unheard’? Here’s a quick preview: a visit to the underworld on the back of a dead fish, a human zoo, a flat world, a woman trapped underground after a nuclear explosion, parallel universes, mermaids, witches, clones, talking trees, dinosaurs with gambling problems, skeletons with time management issues, a woman who buys the moon and so much more!

The Un-what?

‘The Unheard’ is a 17-track (10 tracks + 7 bonus tracks) compilation that showcases all the songs and tracks The Quiet Revolution recorded between 2009-2012 including 5 songs that were never released before (‘Down The Drain’, ‘Old Habits Die Slowly’, ‘Madness Falls’, ‘Noise Free’ and ‘Song Evaluation System’). The Quiet Revolution’s debut album is scheduled to be released during 2014 and won’t contain any of the songs in ‘The Unheard’.

You can buy ‘The Unheard’ for $10 OR name a higher price to help support The Quiet Revolution. If you pay $15 or more, within 48 hours of purchasing ‘The Unheard’ you’ll also get a personal thank you e-mail that will include two tracks from The Quiet Revolution’s upcoming debut album months before it’s released! Woohoo! You can also buy individual tracks for $1 if you prefer that.

‘The Unheard’ follows The Quiet Revolution’s path towards its debut release in reversed chronological order from the last 3 songs that were recorded before beginning to work on the album; songs that were recorded with the help of legendary British producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Oasis, Robbie Williams etc.) back to the very first song that The Quiet Revolution ever recorded- ‘Parallel Me’.

The Quiet Revolution recently finished recording its self-titled debut album together with Grammy award-winning producer and arranger, Jeff Bova. Full band productions. A whole new rockin’ vibe that’s unlike anything The Quiet Revolution ever recorded before. Can’t wait for you to hear it. But Money is tight as hell and releasing the official album has to be done properly. So before the actual release, it seemed like a good idea to release an unofficial compilation so all the songs that aren’t included in the album won’t be forgotten and in order to help finance and promote the upcoming release.

So… hopefully you’ll enjoy The Unheard and can help spread the word. Any support (both financial and otherwise) will be very helpful and much appreciated.

Thanks for your support, stay tuned & rock on!

Feel free to drop an e-mail anytime: [email protected].

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