Are you ready for a revolution?

The Quiet Revolution is the brainchild of 40 year-old California based songwriter Tal More who collaborates with incredible musicians and vocalists to record his songs.

Tal has worked with Grammy award-winning producer, Jeff Bova and with acclaimed British producer Stuart Epps, on some of his songs. Check out the Music section to stream/buy The Quiet Revolution’s debut album- ‘The Unheard’.

p.s. Make sure you also check out Tal’s other project ‘Explosive Ear Candy’ at: ExplosiveEarCandy.com. Explosive Ear Candy features explosively infectious Pop/Rock songs that represent the more commercial and mainstream side of Tal’s songwriting. Full band productions with all the trimmings. The Quiet Revolution has been dormant for the last few years due to Explosive Ear Candy taking the spotlight BUT… new songs by The Quiet Revolution were recorded in 2018 and should be released during 2019.

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