Hey everybody. Long time no post so I thought I’d better drop a word or two. November has been a very good month. Finished recording a new song for Film/TV uses (the guy in the pic is the crazy good vocalist, Nolan Neal). Wrote new material including one song that I’m particularly ecstatic about. Probably the catchiest song I’ve ever written. Massive commercial potential. Just thinking about recording it makes me tingle. Will try to get to it ASAP. This month I also attended the Taxi Road Rally for three days of music insanity. It was inspiring and awesome and many other adjectives. Got a lot of good feedback on the new material. A few new windows of opportunities have been opened. What can I say? I’m enjoying every moment and it looks like good things are on the horizon. In fact, the horizon has never seemed closer. I’m thinking about releasing some of the new tunes soon so (as usual)… stay tuned. Rock on!